Electrician Tools

Must Have Tools for Electricians

Having the correct tools for the job is essential for electricians to complete their works efficiently and make the task in hand much easier.

The range of essential tools required for an electrician would include a good set of approved insulated screwdrivers and wire cutters, voltage tester, lock off kit, socket tester, tape measure and of course a hammer.

The range of tools available to electricians today has grown exponentially from 10/20 years ago, noticeably in the battery power tool market and new intuitive tool inventions.

Below we have grouped some new and essential tools for electricians in the 21st century. The links below will take you to the Amazon store where you may purchase or review the tool.

Towards the end we have also included a few tools that SHOULD NOT be used.

Brands: Wera, Knipex, Kewtech, Draper, Sharpie, C.K. Martindale

Cool Tool Innovations

Some great electrical tool innovations to make the job easier.

Wera Screw Gripper

Knipex Cable Stripper

Kewtech R1+R2 Test Leads

Essential Pocket Accessories

Pocket accessories every electrician should carry, that way it’s always to hand when you need it.

Magnetic Torch

Marker Pens

Volt Stick

Electricians Hand Tools

Basic hand tools.

VDE Screwdrivers

Pliers & Cutters


Test Equipment

Basic test equipment.

Socket Tester

Voltage Tester

Earth Leakage Clamp Meter

Electrical Apps

As developers of a range of electrical apps of course we had to include a few here.

Cable Calculation Software
18th Edition Max Zs Values
Adiabatic Equation
Maximum Demand Calculator
PFC Fault Current Calculator App

Tools an Electrician Should NOT Use

The list below is not just limited to electricians, these tools should not be used for any kind of electrical works.

1. Neon voltage detector screwdriver, 2. Non-ratchet cable/wire crimpers, 3. Non-approved insulated screwdrivers.

Checkout the YouTube videos below by John Ward, be sure to check out his other videos and playlists for a wealth of information on electrical theory, experiments and demonstrations.