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Domestic Electrical Installation Condition Report

How to Complete a Domestic Electrical Installation Condition Report

A step by step video guide on filling in the Domestic Electrical Installation Condition Report paperwork.

Minor Works Certificate

How to Complete an Electrical Minor Works Certificate

A step by step video guide on filling in a Minor Electrical Installation Works Certificate paperwork.

Electrical Certification Software

Electrical Cert Software

Electrical certification software free download for Windows 10, Android and iPad, produce custom electrical certificates.

Testing and Inspecting Software

Update to Pro Certs Coming Soon

Pro Certs electrical certification app update: We have now released this update and have another on its way. Find out what this update includes here.

18th Edition Amendment 1

18th Edition Amendment 1

BS7671 Amendment 1 – Section 722 Electric Vehicle Charging Installations.
Also download the Corrigendum to BS 7671 pdf.

एमसीसीबी मैक्स जेडएस मान

BS EN 60947-2 MCCB के लिए अधिकतम अर्थ लूप प्रतिबाधा मान (Zs) निर्माताओं के बीच भिन्न होता है। Max Zs Values ऐप के साथ सही चार्ट खोजें।

MCCB Zs Values

MCCB Max Zs Values

Maximum earth loop impedance values (Zs) for BS EN 60947-2 MCCB’s vary between manufactures. Find the correct chart with the Max Zs Values app.

60942-7 Max Zs Tables

60947-2 Max Zs Charts

Print or download max Zs tables for BS EN 60947-2 protective devices with the max zs values app.

Electrical Apps for Electricans

Cable Calculator App Update – 2019

Another update to the cable sizing calculator, Cable Calc. Find out what’s new in this version.

How to Calculate kVA

How to Calculate kVA

Learn how to calculate to and from kVA, Amps, kW, Volts and Power Factor, with single phase and three phase calculation examples.