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ELECTRICAL TOOLS Tools to assist with the demanding requirements of an Electrician.
ELECTRICAL REFERENCE Electrical reference tables for instant access to information on the go.
ELECTRICAL TABLES Electrical tables providing the electrician with what they need when they need it.
ELECTRICAL CALCS Packed with multiple electrical calculation formulas all in one electrical app.
Date: December 2021
- Added Ceeform Plugs (Commando)
- Added Luminaire (Lighting) Symbols
- Added A4 DB (Consumer unit) notice
- Added At Risk Danger Notice warning label
- New search menu function, search the sidebar menu
- More items added to the sidebar menu
- Some minor layout improvements

Date: August 2021
- Added some manufacturers BS 3871 Type 4 MCB devices 
to the Max Zs Values calculator

Date: March 2021
- Added a Call the local DNO function
- Added a new news feed
- Some UI tweaks
- Some optimizations

Date: December 2020
- Added: Copper Clad Aluminium Cable Rating Table
- Added: MCCB Explanation of Setting Symbols
- Added: DNO Ze Values & Earthing System Types Diagram
- Edit: Max Zs Values > changed wording from REC to DNO / DSO
- Minor tweaks, improvements and optimizations

Date: June 2020
- Added BS 5308 part 1+2 cable colour code charts
- Added Enats 09-06 cable colour code charts
- Added RJ45 connections
- Added Telephone connections
- Added Harmonised wiring colours chart (old to new)
- Optimization improvements
- Reduced app download size

Date: May 2020
- Added a print function to "My Notes"

Date: May 2020
- Brand new redesign
- Brand new UI
- Added new Sidebar menu
- Added new charts
- Added new tools
- Added new features
- Added new custom built document viewer
- iOS 13 update
- Android update

Date: 2019
- UI improvements
- Bug fixes

Date: 2019
- Added print function to electrical charts
- Improved UI
- Fixed volt drop bug
- Improved cable calculator
- Back-end improvements

Date: 2019
- iOS 12 update

Date: 2018
- BS 7671 18th Edition 2018 update

Date: 2016
- Fixed cable calc bug
- Back-end improvements
- UI improvements

Date: 2015
- BS 7671 17th edition Amd 1 update
- New charts added
- Zs values updated

Date: 2014
- Added new charts
- Bug fixes

Date: 2013
- First release


Electrical Tools and Reference is the fully equipped electrical app for electricians, electrical contractors and engineers alike.

The electrical engineering app to assist in the day to day requirements of a modern professional electrician, maintenance engineer or installer.

Core Features

  • Regularly Maintained
  • Dedicated Support Team
  • Free Updates

Request a Function

  • Accept New Feature Suggestions
  • Accept New Add-on Suggestions
  • We Welcome All Feedback
Electricians App

Swift UI Navigation

Quick Access Sidebar Menu

Each section of the app has it’s own navigation menus and sub-menus to enable to user to locate information quickly.


1 – Sidebar Menu (Main Menus + List Items)

2 –  Electrical Tools Main Menu and Sub-Menus

3 –  Electrical Reference Main Menu and Sub-Menus

Navigation Icons:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Sub-Menu
  3. Electrical Table or Chart
  4. Directly call the local DNO

Sidebar Menu:

To activate the sidebar menu tap the Menu icon from the home screen, the side bar menu will then slide in to view from the left.

To enable the quick access sidebar menu from every screen swipe the menu to the left to hide it, you can then swipe right from any screen to access the sidebar menu.

Main Menus

Electrical Tools | Electrical Reference

After the Swift UI Sidebar navigation menu the two main menus which divide the sections of the app are the Electrical Tools menu and Electrical Reference menu.

Electrical Tools contains all the calculators and tools while Electrical Reference contains the charts and tables.

The Electrical Tools Section Includes:

  • kVA Calculator
  • Max Earth Loop Impedance Calculator
  • Electrical Power Calculators
  • Earthing and Bonding Size Calculator
  • Volt Drop Calculator
  • + Many More…

The Electrical Reference Section Includes:

  • Appliance Earth Leakage Currents
  • Bathroom IP Ratings
  • Cable Rating Charts
  • SPD Types, Uses and Min Cpc Size
  • SWA Gland Selection Chart
  • + Many More…

Feel free to get in touch if you would like to request any new charts, tables or calculators to be added. We are constantly updating and improving the app with new charts, tables and features.

Electrical Documents

Document Viewer

View and print charts and tables

We have built our very own custom document viewer integral to the Electrical Tools and Reference App so there is no requirement for any 3rd party PDF viewer or file handler app.


Document Viewer Options:

1 – Dark Mode

2 – Light Mode

3 – Print Electrical Tables

Document Viewer Icons:

  1. Toggle between light or dark mode
  2. Print the document

My Notes

Add, save and print your own notes.

You can use the My Notes for material lists, time keeping or for making general notes.

  • Fault Finding Notes
  • Time Keeping
  • Material Lists
  • Test Result Notes
  • Mileage & Travel Time

My Notes Icons:

  1. Save
  2. Print

How to save, print and share your notes.

  1. Tap “Print”.
  2. From the native print preview window select “save as PDF” from the select printer options.


  1. Tap “Print”.
  2. From the native print preview window expand the My Notes image (will open the native share / save preview window).
  3. Tap the top right share icon (save options are displayed, options are dependent on your device capabilities).

The must have App for Electricians

Make life easier with this smart electrical app, “Electrical Tools and Reference“.


Don’t get caught short, carry out a quick electrical calculation or look up an electrical table in an instant, out in the field or in the office – Works offline, even in airplane mode!




    Proactively maintained and updated

    Dedicated support team
  • To BS7671

    Calculations and tables from BS 7671

    Electrical calculators that electricians actually need

    Print the electrical reference tables.

    BS 7671 tables & guides

What's Included

Updated December 2020.

Electrical Tools

  1. Cable Size Calculator
  2. Earthing and Bonding
    1. Adiabatic Equation
    2. Cpc Size Calculator
    3. Earthing & Bonding Size Calculator
    4. Types of Earthing Systems
  3. kVA Calculator
    1. Single Phase kVA Calculations
    2. Three Phase kVA Calculations
    3. kVA | kW | Power Factor Calculator
  4. Max Zs Values
    1. Common BS EN Devices
    2. 60947-2 MCCB Zs Tables
      1. List of Manufacturers Zs Tables
      2. MCCB Explanation of Settings Symbols
    3. RCD’s in TT Earthing System Zs Values
    4. REC (DNO / DSO) Ze Values
    5. Uo 55v and U 63.5v
    6. Zs – Ze = R1+R2 Calculator
    7. Maximum Disconnection Times
    8. MCCB Explanation of Settings Symbols
  5. PFC Fault Current Calculator
  6. Ring Circuit Line to Cpc Ratio Calculator
  7. Ring Circuit r1 r2 to R1+R2 Converter
  8. Volt Drop Calculator
  9. Watts Amps Volts Calculator
    1. Single Phase WAV Calculations
    2. Three Phase WAV Calculations

Electrical Reference

  1. Appliance Earth Leakage Currents
  2. Bathroom IP Ratings
  3. Bathroom Zones
  4. Cable Rating Tables
    1. List of Cable Rating Tables
  5. Cable Colour Code Charts
    1. BS5308 Part 1 + 2 Colour Codes
    2. ENATS 09-06 Colour Codes
    3. Harmonised Wiring Colours (old to new)
    4. Telephone Connections Guide
    5. RJ45 Plug Connections Guide
  6. Copper Cable Resistance Per Meter
  7. Earthing System Types
  8. EICR Frequency of Inspections
  9. Installation Reference Methods
  10. IP Rating Codes
  11. Line to CPC Resistance Ratio Table
  12. Minimum Cpc Sizes Table 54.7
  13. Safe Wiring Zones
  14. SPD Surge Protection Devices, Types, Uses & Min Cpc
  15. SWA Armour Copper Equivalent Sizes Table
  16. SWA Cleat Selection Table
  17. SWA Gland Selection Table
  18. Types of Wiring
  19. RCD Trip Times
  20. RCD Types
  21. More Coming Soon!

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  • ‎Electrical Tools and Reference Screenshot
  • ‎Electrical Tools and Reference Screenshot
  • ‎Electrical Tools and Reference Screenshot

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