Management Web Portal User Guide

The Management Web Portal is for the multi-user / enterprise accounts which is used in conjunction with the Pro Certs (electrical certification software) for managing Engineers, Clients, Certificates and cloud sync.



  • – Set up your default company details and logo
  • – Add, setup and manage your Engineers, Clients and Installation Addresses
  • – Set up your default settings and push to all devices in one go
  • – Assign / move certificates between engineers and/or the QS
  • – Set up new certificates and allocate to an engineer
  • – Audit log
  • – Cloud sync
Management web Portal

Account Holder

An Account Holder is the person who initially signs up for access to the Web Portal, the Account Holder has full unrestricted access to the Portal and all of the features, they can purchase subscriptions (seats) and add additional users. Additional users can have the roles of Company Admin or Engineer. The Account holder can also allocate themselves a seat for access to the Pro Certs (electrical certification) app if they wish to.

User Roles Access Permissions
 Role Web Portal Pro Certs App
 Account Holder
 Company Admin
Pro Certs App & Management Web Portal Access Permissions

Additional User Roles

– Company Admin

Users with the Company Admin role have full access the Management Portal. The Account Holder has the option to grant access to the management and purchase of subscriptions to a Company Admin user. A Company Admin role does not have access to the Pro Certs app, it’s purely an admin role to access the Management Portal and all management facilities within the portal.

– Engineers

Users with the role of Engineer can be allocated a seat for access to the Pro Certs app, they do not have access to the Management Portal.


– Seats (subscriptions)

A seat grants access to the Pro Certs Electrical Certification App. Each seat (subscription) you allocate to an engineer can be moved between engineers, i.e. An engineer who still has a valid subscription leaves the company, the “seat” can be re-allocated by Company Admin to a different engineer so you can make full use of the available seats.


– User Roles

When adding a new user you can set the required access level.

  • Company Admin
  • Engineer
  • QS (coming soon)


Users have a hierarchy of levels, when you set up a new user with the role “Engineer” you can grant them access to the app (via a seat).
Company Admins have access to the Management Web Portal, Engineers do not. A QS will have access to the Web Portal and the Pro Certs App.


– Management Portal Access and Pro Certs App Access

If a user with the role Company Admin also needs access to the Pro Certs App then a Company Admin or Account Holder can set up a new user with the role Engineer (must use a different email address to the email address used for their Company Admin role). When we add the new user role of “QS” this role will grant access to the Web Portal and the Pro certs App.

Initial Setup

1. SIGN UP: Once you have signed up (from here: for access to the Web Portal, a verification email will be sent to the email address you used to sign up with. If you do not receive a verification email within a timely manner check your spam box.

2. VERIFICATION EMAIL: In the verification email there will be a link to click to complete the verification process, once you have completed this step you will be able to log in to the Management Web Portal within a few minutes.

3. LOG IN: Once you have completed the initial verification process you can then log in to the Web Portal.

4. SUBSCRIPTIONS: Purchase the number of licences you require.

5. COMPANIES: Add a new company and company details.

6. COMPANY SETTINGS : From the company settings screen (accessible from the sidebar menu), you can set the default Pro Certs App settings, the settings here can be sent to all of your devices in one go.

7. USERS & SETTINGS: Add your Engineers and Company Admin users, assign licences to Engineers.

8. ENGINEERS: Add the Engineers test kit serial numbers, telephone number and signature.

Home Screen Navigation Tabs

Click a tab to expand

Users & Settings ▼

User Management:

  • ADD USER Add a new user
  • View / edit the in-app settings of the users device
  • Edit users details
  • Delete user

   – Edit:

  • Edit the user details
  • Manage the users certificates (move cert to another engineer)
  • View user Audit Log

From within the Pro Certs App Engineers can also view all of the company certificates and download them to their device.

Subscriptions ▼

Subscription Management:

  • Purchase subscription
  • Cancel subscription
  • View subscription Audit Log

Clients ▼

Client Management:

  • ADD CLIENT Add a new client
  • Add and assign multiple client installation address
  • Edit client details
  • Delete client

Installations ▼

Installation Address Management:

This is for clients who have more than one installation address, i.e. a Landlord may have multiple properties.

  • ADD INSTALLATION Add a new installation address
  • Edit installation address
  • Delete installation address

When you add or edit an installation address you can assign the address to a specific client.

My Companies ▼

Company Management:

  • ADD A COMPANY Add a new company
  • Manage the engineers for this company
  • Edit company details
  • Delete company

One of the unique features of the Pro Certs Electrical Certification Software is you can add and manage multiple companies from a single account i.e. if you are a group company or a company with multiple branches you can manage them all together with a single account, you can also access all the certificates for all of your group companies / branches.

Engineers ▼


Once you have added a user in Users & Settings, users with the Role “Engineer” will be shown here.

  • Enter the Engineers test kit serial numbers
  • Add the Engineers signature (upload an image or sign the screen)
  • Add the Engineers telephone number
  • Delete engineer

Sidebar Menu

Click a tab to expand


Navigate back to the Home screen.

Company Settings:

  • Edit company name.
  • Edit in-app settings (for all users).
  • Turn on/off auto cloud sync.

Users & Settings:

  • View/edit a specific users in-app settings.
  • Edit user role & in-app password.
  • View user Audit Log.
  • Allocate/remove licence (seat).
  • Manage the users certificates.

(Same functions as the home screen navigation tab “Users & Settings”)

Your Subscription:

View, manage, cancel and edit your subscriptions.

1 seat = 1 subscription for 1 Engineer for access to the Pro Certs Electrical Certification Software.


Manage all your engineers electrical certificates in one place, re-allocate/move a certificate from one engineer to another, view certificate status (In Progress, Completed, Signed Off, Rejected).

Certificate Status:

  • In Progress = The certificate is in progress.
  • Completed = The engineer has completed the certificate.
  • Signed Off = The QS has signed off the certificate (coming soon).
  • Rejected = The QS has rejected the certificate (coning soon).

The QS may reject a certificate in the case for example, missing circuits, missing test results, an incomplete certificate or any other reason they see fit. A rejected certificate can then be sent back to the engineer to edit or update.

Audit Log:

An audit log to see who’s been doing what, with a date and time stamp.