Electrical Certification Software

Pro Certs is an Electrical Certification Software to produce professional electrical installation certificates and electrical installation condition reports. Available for iPad, Android Tablets and Windows 10 devices.

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Electrical Certification Software

Welcome to Pro Certs Software

The home of smart electrical apps for the smart electrician


We have been developing mobile apps and electrical software since 2011, our apps were born out of the necessity of requiring instant access to electrical tables and calculation formulas while out in the field.

Electrical software and apps are a now a must have in today’s demanding world. The ability to be able to carry out an instant electrical calculation or to look up an electrical table as and when you need to is essential.

Electrical contractor apps reduce the need of painstakingly searching through multiple books and guides or scouring the internet looking for answers.

An electrical app can save time and give you instant access to the information you need at a time when you need it most.


At Pro Certs Software we design, develop and publish electrical apps and mobile electrical software to serve the electrical industry.

We have developed a collection of electrical engineering apps designed specifically for electricians and electrical contractors. Apps are available on the Android and iOS platforms. Pro Certs the electrical certification software is also available on Windows 10.

Our apps are designed from the ground up with the user in mind for ease of use, reliability and availability. All our electrical apps are designed to work offline, even in Airplane mode.

Smart Electrical Apps for the Smart Electrician

App Features

REGULARLY UPDATED We are constantly working hard to bring new updates and features.
RESPONSIVE DESIGN Apps designed to work perfectly on many different screen sizes, large and small.
WORKS OFFLINE All our electrical apps are designed to work online and offline, even in airplane mode.