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Smart electrical apps for electricians and electrical engineers or anyone working within the electrical industry.


Electrical Apps

Electrical Apps for electricians are becoming more and more popular in today’s modern world, leverage the power of your smart device with these smart electrical apps which can assist with the day to day requirements of a professional electrician, electrical apps are available on iOS & Android, Pro Certs (Electrical Certification Software) is also available on Windows 10.

Save time and energy with a smart Electrical App, look up an electrical table or chart, carry out a quick on-site cable size calculation or complete your EICR certificate on the go with a smart electrical app for your Android or iOS mobile device.

Electrical Software, take advantage of the cloud electrical software solution for desktop PC’s and laptops, compatible with Windows 10 and Mac.

Mac Apps, Apple are now making compatible iOS electrical apps available on a Mac which have the new Apple M1 chip.


7909 Certification

BS 7909 App
Temporary Electrical Systems Software

Temporary electrical systems (TES) software to produce custom G1, G2 and G3 PDF forms based on BS 7909.
G1 | G2 | G3

Pro Certs

Pro Certs App
Electrical Certification Software

Electrical certification software based on BS 7671.
EICR | EIC | MW | iPad | Windows 10 | Android Tablets

Electrical Interim Inspection Checklist

Electrical Visual Inspection Certs
Electrical Visual Inspection Certificate

A landlords inspection app: An electrical visual only inspection software for Landlords interim electrical inspections.
Print | Sign | Save PDF

Diversity Calculator

Maximum Demand Calculator
Maximum Demand Calculator

A diversity & max demand calculator app: Calculate the maximum total connected load and apply diversity to calculate the maximum demand.

Cable Size Calculator

Cable Calculation Software
Cable Size Calculator

A single cable size calculator app: Calculate various cable sizes and print the results.
Vd | Zs | R1+R2 | Csa mm²

Max Zs Values

18th Edition Max Zs Values
Maximum Zs Values Calculator

A maximum Zs value calculator app: Look up and calculate the maximum Zs values for MCB’s, MCCB’s and fuses.
100% Zs | 80% Zs | 0.2s | 0.4s | 0.5s

Adiabatic Calculator

Adiabatic Equation
Adiabatic Equation Calculator

A minimum earth/cpc size calculator app: Calculate the minimum required earth/cpc size.
la | I² | Conductor k value | Time (s) | mm²

PFC Fault Current Calculator

PFC Calculator
Fault Current Calculator

A fault current calculator app: Calculate to and from PFC (kA), Zs/Ze or Voltage.
PFC | Zs | Voltage

Watts Amps Volts Calculator

Watts Amps Volts Calculator
Watts Amps Volts Calculator

An electrical power calculator app: Calculate to and from Watts, Amps or Volts, single and three phase.
Watts | Amps | Volts | PF | kW

kVA Calculator

kVA Calculator App
kVA Calculator

A KVA and power factor calculator app: Calculate to and from kVA, PF, Volts, kW or Amps.
kVA | Power Factor | Volts | Amps | kW

Ohm's Law Calculator

Ohms Law Calculator
Ohms Law Power Calculator

A simple Ohm’s Law calculator app: Calculate Voltage (Volts), Current (Amps), Resistance (Ohms) or Power (Watts).
V | I | R | P

R1+R2 Zs Ze Calculator

R1R2 Calculator
R1+R2 Zs Ze Calculator

An R1+R2 Zs converter app: Convert to and from R1+R2, Zs and Ze (Ze not recommended).
R1+R2 | Zs | Ze

Electrical Tools and Reference

Electrical Tools App
Electrical Apps UK

An electricians app: The fully loaded Electricians App for anyone involved in the electrical industry.
Tables | Tools | Reference Guides

Online Electrical Software

Electrical Software Mac
Cloud Electrical Software

Online electrical software: Online cloud based electrical software for PC, Mac, Laptop.
Online | Cloud | Windows | Mac

Volt Drop Calculator

Electrical Tools App
Electrical Apps UK

Voltage drop calculator. Coming Soon! Screen shots and icon from a different app.
iOS | Android

Smart electrical apps for the smart electrician