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Electrical Industry Awards Finalist 2019.

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PRS Private Rented Sector Suitable for PRS private rented sector housing EICR’s
Part P Ready Part P ready, enter your Part P job reference numbers.
Add Photos Add photographic evidence to append to EICR observations
CPS Compatible Use the relevant CPS scheme logos on certificates (optional)


Pro Certs is an Electrical Certification Software / Electrical testing and inspection software for professional electrical installation certificates, electrical installation condition reports and minor electrical works certificates PDF’s.

EICR Certs | Domestic EICR Certs | EIC Certs | Domestic EIC Certs | MW Certs

Core Features

  • Regularly Maintained
  • Dedicated Support Team
  • Free Updates

Request a Function

  • Accept New Feature Suggestions
  • Accept New Add-on Suggestions
  • We Welcome All Feedback
EICR Software

Home Screen Menu

Easy access to certificates and settings

From the home screen enables quick assess to certificates and settings.

Menu Options:

  • New Certificate
  • My Certificates
  • My Account
  • Settings
  • Clients
  • Installation Addresses
  • Contractors
  • Engineers
  • Help / FAQ’s
  • More Apps
  • Website
  • Email Support

7 Day Free Trial

Sign up for a 7 day free trial.

Try out the Pro Certs electrical testing & inspection software for free with the 7 day free trial, extended free trials available on request.

Windows and Android:

Once you have signed up and confirmed your email address you can use the software unrestricted for free for 7 days, when the 7 days have expired you will be prompted for a subscription.


Due to the restrictions and conditions imposed by Apple the 7 day free trial is included with a subscription (1st 7 days free). If you do not wish to continue with using the software then remember to cancel the subscription before the trial expires to avoid being charged by the App Store.

Electrical Inspecting and Testing Software
Domestic Electrical Certification Software


Customize your certificate colours

Customize the electrical certificate colours to match your branding.

Primary Colours:

Using the sliders adjust the primary colour of the certificate section headers text to any colour.

Table Header Background Colours:

Select the certificate colour from the following options,

Green Red Blue Purple

Auto Generate Certificate Ref’s.
Turn Auto Generate Cert No. to on if you want the app to generate the certificate reference numbers for you. The certificate numbers generated will ascend from your first certificate number i.e. if your Next No. is set to 001, the following certificate numbers will be 002, 003, 004 and so on.

An easy way to keep track on how many total electrical certificates / EICR’s you have created.

Company Logos

Add your company logo.

Home » Contractors » Edit (or New) » Add Logo

Add your own company logo which will be displayed at the top of every page of the electrical certificate or report.

You can add any logo here to be displayed at the top of the certificate such as a letting agents logo or your competent persons scheme logo.

Multiple Contractors | 3rd Party Contractors | Sub-Contractors.

You can add more than one electrical contractor, a handy feature if you also carry out electrical testing and inspecting for another 3rd party electrical contractor as you can (with their permission) add their company details and logo to supply the full package of electrical testing & inspecting and providing the completed paperwork under their banner.

Add Company Logos
EICR Observations

Add Photo's to EICR's

Add photographic evidence to EICR’s.

Add weight your EICR observations with a picture.

  • Allocate an observation to a particular circuit
  • Allocate a photo to a particular observation number

Impress your clients with images within the electrical installation condition report certificate (EICR) PDF file.

Produce UNLIMITED Electrical Installation Certificates and Condition Reports

For large and small industrial, commercial and domestic electrical installations and PRS private rented sector housing.



Produce UNLIMITED BS7671 electrical installation certificates and condition reports.


Certificate Templates

Create Certificate Templates.

Should you have multiple identical or similar properties to test such as a block of flats, create one certificate, select copy and a full duplicate will be created including all test results.

Edit the test results and installation address and hit save, quick and easy.

  • Duplicate Complete Certificates
  • Copy Distribution Boards
  • Copy Individual Circuits

Click or tap images to view full size image.

BS7671 Electrical Certificates

Certificate Navigation

Quick and Easy Certificate Navigation

Quickly navigate between the different sections of the installation certificate or condition report with the sections menu, or use the Navigation tabs at the bottom of the screen.

Sections Menu Icons: DB.1

  • Add another distribution board
  • Copy distribution board
  • Delete distribution board

Site Survey Forms

Print Blank PDF Electrical Certificates.

Many electricians and electrical inspectors sill prefer to hand write their paperwork on-site and input the data into Pro Certs back in the office.

Print blank PDF electrical certificates for site surveys or for hand writing on site.

Home » New Certificate » Select a Site Survey Form to Print

  • Print Blank – Electrical Installation Certificates
  • Print Blank – Electrical Installation Condition Reports
  • Print Blank – Minor Works Certificates
  • Print Blank – Distribution Board Schedules
  • Print Blank – Observations List Page
  • Print Blank – Continuation Pages for General Notes
Blank electrical certs
EICR Software

Circuits Flood Fill

Enter Once, Copy to ALL

Use the top row on the DB circuits screen to select devices and input test results to copy to all circuits..

After entering all of your circuit descriptions you can then use the top flood fill row (shown in red) to select cable type, disconnection times, insulation resistance values, MCB’s and test results etc.

All selections, data and test results entered here will copy to ALL circuits so you only need to enter it once and it will be copied to all of the circuits, a great time saver!

Enter once, copy to ALL.


List updated June 2020


  • Create UNLIMITED Electrical Installation Certificates
  • Create UNLIMITED Electrical Installation Condition Reports
  • Create UNLIMITED Electrical Minor Works Certificates
  • Print Bank Certificates for Site Surveys or Hand Filling



  • Add MULTIPLE Contractors / Companies
  • Add MULTIPLE Electricians / Engineers
  • Add MULTIPLE Clients
  • Add MULTIPLE Installation Address



  • Add your Company Logo
  • Select Certificate Colours
  • Adjust the Header Text Colours
  • CPS Logos Included



  • Option to input the Bonding Conductors R2 Resistance Values
  • Option to Input the Main Earthing Conductor R2 Resistance Value


  • Create DRAFT and MASTER PDF’s
  • Auto Generate Certificate No’s / Ref’s (optional)
  • Save, Print and Email Certificates Directly to Clients
  • Create a Certificate Template



  • Duplicate Certificates (including test results)
  • Copy DB’s
  • Copy Individual Circuits
  • Create Multiple PDF’s of the Same Certificate or Report



  • EICR Schedule of Items Inspected C1, C2, C3 and FI’s Auto Added to Observations
  • EICR Schedule of Items Inspected Remarks Auto Added to Observations
  • Fill in ALL Circuit Data in One Go with the Flood Fill (top row in circuits screen)
  • Validate the Measured Zs Values with the 80% Max Zs Values and Auto Add to Observations



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App Demos

Electrical Certification Software
Electrical Certificate Software App

Electrical Certificate PDF Example Forms

Sample EICR, Electrical Installation Certificate and Electrical Minor Works Certificate Forms (Domestic versions displayed).
DB Circuit Details


Domestic Electrical Installation Condition Report.


Domestic Electrical Installation Certificate.


Minor Electrical Works Certificate.

FAQ's & How To

How to contact our support team

You can contact our support team directly from the app or via our web contact form, contact support. Before contacting Pro Certs support take a look at our dedicated Pro Certs support page.

Can I request a new feature?

Yes, we welcome feature requests and suggestions, you can send us your feature request here.

What platforms is Pro Certs available on?

Pro Certs is available for Android tablets, iPad and Windows 10 PC’s, laptops and tablets.

How to's

Visit our Pro Certs Support page for detailed how to guides.

How to complete an Electrical Installation Condition Report

To complete the paper work for an Electrical Installation Condition Report take a look at our How to Complete an Electrical Installation Condition Report step by step walk though guide.

How to complete an Electrical Minor Works Certificate

To complete the paper work for a Minor Electrical Works Certificate take a look at our How to Complete an Electrical Minor Works Certificate step by step walk though guide.


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