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COMMENTS Record your own inspection notes.
ELECTRICAL CHECKLIST Easy to follow checklist.
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An easy to follow Landlords Interim Electrical Checklist.

Core Features

  • Easy to follow checklist
  • Sign your documents
  • Generate a PDF report

Landlords Interim Electrical Inspection

  • PRS Private Rented Sector
  • Single-lets
  • HMO’s and Serviced Accommodation

Landlords Interim Electrical Checklist is suitable for PRS private rented sector housing, single-lets, serviced accommodation and HMO’s, which produces a interim inspection report PDF document. An Interim electrical inspection should be carried out at least every 12 months or at change of tenant, whichever comes first.

The landlords interim electrical inspection is a visual only non-intrusive domestic electrical checklist to guide and assist with the recording of interim electrical inspections of rental properties at the start of a tenancy, at renewals and end of tenancy inspections. Serviced accommodation electrical inspections may required more frequent inspections to be carried out.

The interim electrical inspection is required at least every 12 months and does not replace the full Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR). For EICR Software view our Pro Certs app.

A must have tool for Landlords, Letting Agents, Surveyors, Electricians or anyone who carries out interim inspections on private and rental properties.

Visual Electrical Inspection

Interim Electrical Inspections

Easy to follow predefined checklist.

Follow the predefined checklist when carrying out the interim electrical inspection.

Home Menu:

1 – New Inspection
2 – My Saved Inspections

Inspection Checklist Item Symbols:

  1. Pass
  2. Fail

N/A = Not Applicable

Tap an inspection item once for , twice for .

If any of the interim electrical checklist items are selected as  then the report is automatically deemed as UNSATISFACTORY, otherwise SATISFACTORY is automatically selected.

Inspection items skipped or left blank inserts a grey on the PDF inspection report and is marked as UNSATISFACTORY as all list items must be inspected.

This interim electrical checklist app is a great companion to the Pro Certs electrical certification software.

Record your Landlord Interim Electrical Inspections

The PRS private rented sector housing rules state all private rented properties MUST be fully electrically tested and inspected (EICR) at a minimum interval of 5 years. In addition to this an interim electrical inspection should be carried out at intervals of at least every 12 months and at change or renewal of a tenancy.

Inspection Notes

Add your own notes and comments.

Record notes or reminders to inspections.

Record actions required or taken as evidence of remedial works in progress.


These notes might include:

  • General notes on the overall condition
  • Notes to instruct an electrician to rectify certain items
  • Concerns, notes or questions from the tenant
  • Instructions given to the tenant



Showed the tenant how to use the intruder alarm. Instructed an electrician to rectify the faulty light fitting in the bedroom. Emergency lighting test due in 2 weeks.

All notes added here are included in the final PDF report.

Visual Electrical Inspection

Inspection Automation

Save time and prevent errors with the built-in automation.

The app auto inputs the current date of when the interim inspection is carried out which prevents the person carrying out the inspection from back dating or forging inspection dates.

The auto detect function automatically selects if the interim electrical inspection is satisfactory or unsatisfactory based on your selections from the predefined checklist.


  • Date stamp of when the inspection was carried out
  • Auto generates a satisfactory or unsatisfactory report
  • Digital signature
  • Generate a PDF interim electrical inspection report

If in doubt always seek expert advice.

Landlords Interim Electrical Report - PDF's

Generates a signed and dated PDF Interim Inspection Report

Generates a 3 page PDF landlords interim electrical inspection report.

  • Date Stamp
  • Email Report
  • Print Report


Landlords Interim Electrical Inspection Checklist Forms PDF Generator.

Coming soon to Android and iOS.

PRS Electrical Inspection for Landlords

An Easy to Use App for Landlords, Electricians or Letting Agents

Keep a record and paper trail of your interim electrical inspections.


An easy to follow interim electrical checklist for PRS rental properties to be carried out at least every 12 months or at change or renewal of a tenancy (which ever comes first)




    Proactively maintained and updated

    Dedicated support team
  • PDF Reports

    Generate a PDF report
  • Email

    Email the PDF reports

    Print the PDF reports
  • PRS

    Suitable for private rented sector housing
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FAQ's & How To

What is an electrical safety inspection?

An electrical safety inspection or Electrical Installation Condition Report, EICR for short is much like what an MOT is for your car, to check the condition and safety of the installed electrical system to determine if the electrical installation meets the minimum requirements as set out in the current edition of BS 7671 Wiring Regulations and to ascertain if the installation is safe for continued use.

An Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) should be carried out at intervals of at least every 5 years for domestic rental properties, the electrical inspector may recommend the next EICR is carried out sooner than 5 years depending on factors such as the current condition and age.

An interim inspection is a visual only non-intrusive inspection which should be carried out at intervals of at least every 12 months or at change of tenant (whichever comes first). The interim inspection is to identify if there has been any visible damages or wear and tear since the last inspection.

What is an EICR?

An EICR Electrical Installation Condition Report previously known as a PIR Periodic Inspection Report or as some may call it, an electrical safety inspection is an inspection and testing of the electrical wiring in an installation such as a domestic property, commercial office or industrial factory to ascertain if the installation is safe for continued use and meets the minimum requirements of the wiring regulations.

An EICR should only be carried out by a suitably qualified and experienced electrician / electrical inspector.

The inspection will include a % sample visual inspection by removing various sockets, switches and light fittings for inspection.

The testing aspect of the EICR is a sequence of physical testing on the wiring system using approved test instruments.

Just because some thing works does not mean it is safe, installed to a good standard or satisfies the requirements of BS 7671.

What is an Interim Inspection?

An Interim Inspection is the regular visual inspections of the electrical system to check for any damages, wear and tear and that no unauthorised electrical work has been carried out since the last inspection. The Interim Electrical Inspection is to supplement the (up to) 5 yearly Electrical Installation Condition Report.

Keeping records of all interim electrical inspections and electrical installation condition reports is a way to prove compliance to the relevant regulations and laws which state an electrical installation must be kept and regularly maintained in a safe working order.

A Landlord is required by law to ensure that:
  1. The Electrical installation is in a safe working order at the beginning of a tenancy.
  2. The Electrical installation is kept in a safe working order throughout the duration of a tenancy.
  3. Supplied electrical appliances are kept in a safe working order and have the relevant safety marks.

      (Additional requirements may also apply)

What is the PRS Scheme?

PRS is a classification for the Private Rented Sector housing, private rented accommodation.

The new rules require that every domestic rental property has an electrical safety inspection (EICR) carried out at least every 5 years. BS 7671 Wiring Regulations state a routine inspection should also be carried out at least every 12 months or at change of tenant, which ever comes first.

Landlord and Tenant Act 1985

The Landlord and Tenants Act states,

11. Repairing obligations in short leases:
(b) To keep in repair and proper working order the installations in the dwelling-house for the supply of water, gas and electricity…

HSE Maintaining Portable Electrical Equipment

The Health and Safety Executive outlines a recommended maintenance plan based on a straightforward, inexpensive system of user checks, formal visual inspection and testing.

BS 7671 IET Wiring Regulations 2018

BS 7671 states the maximum permitted frequency between the inspection and testing of electrical installations.

Domestic Rented Accommodation:

  • Electrical Installation Condition Report = 5 years
  • Interim Electrical Inspection = 12 months

Housing Act 2004

The Housing Act states,

Electrical safety and hazards from shock and burns resulting from exposure to electricity, are covered by the Housing Health and Safety Rating System introduced under Part 1 of the Housing Act 2004.

“Hazard” means any risk or harm to the health or safety of an actual or potential occupier of a dwelling or HMO which arises from a deficiency in the dwelling or HMO or in any building or land in the vicinity (whether the deficiency arises as a result of the construction of any building, an absence of maintenance or repair, or otherwise).

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