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Electrical Apps for iPhone


Diversity Calculator

Calculate the total connected load and apply diversity to calculate the maximum demand.

Electrical Tools and Reference

The fully loaded Electricians App with calculators, tools, guides and tables.

Electrical Cert software

Pro Certs – The Electrical Certification App for installation, minor works and EICR certs.

Max Zs Values

Look-up a Zs table or calculate the maximum permitted Zs values for protective devices.

R1+R2 Zs Ze Calculator

Convert to or from Zs, R1+R2 and Ze (Ze not recommended) for verifying your measured R1+R2 or Zs values.

Landlord Interim Certs

Rental property electrical interim inspection certificates for Electricians, Surveyors & Letting Agents.

Cable Calculator

Cable size calculator software/app for calculating cable sizes, volt drop and R1+R2

Fault Current Calculator

Calculate fault current from Zs/Ze, or enter any two values (Voltage, Zs/Ze, PFC) to calculate the other.

Cloud Electrical Software

Desktop cloud electrical software for Windows and Mac based on our Electrical Tools and Reference App.

Adiabatic Calculator

The Adiabatic Equation Calculator for calculating the minimum permitted cpc/earth sizes.

7909 Certification

BS 7909 certificates for temporary electrical systems, G1, G2 and G3 certificates.

kVA Calculator

Calculate single phase kVA and calculate three phase kVA, Voltage, Power Factor, kW or Amps.