60947-2 Max Zs Charts

Zs Values for 60947-2 MCCB’s

We have a number 60947-2 Zs charts from different MCCB manufacturers. We have included the Max Zs charts for 60947-2 MCCB’s in an Max Zs Values App.


Maximum permitted Zs for BS EN 60947-2 Protective Devices

The maximum permitted Zs values for 60947-2 protective devices vary between different manufacturers, for instance 60947-2 Merlin Gerin Zs values are different to 60974-2 Eaton Zs values and 60947-2 Square D max Zs values are different to 60947-2 Dorman Smith max Zs values.


BS EN 60947-2 Zs Tables

Tables and charts for MCCB’s and ACB’s are normally available to download from the manufacturer’s website, no occasions you maybe able to phone the manufacturer who can point you in the right direction.

​We have included some BS EN 60947-2 Zs charts within our Max Zs Values App where you can look up the Zs chart for the MCCB listed by the part number such as NSX250 or TMD160D. The MCCB Zs charts are grouped by manufacture for easy to find look up Zs charts for MCCB’s.

Zs Values Table

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