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Cloud Sync is Now Live

The Pro Certs cloud sync system and Management Web Portal is now live for use in conjunction with the Pro Certs Electrical Certification App.

How to wire up light switches

How to wire a light switch

If you find yourself asking how to wire a light switch then the simple answer is don’t, get a competent Electrician to do it for you.

Zs Converter

Convert Old Zs Values to 18th Edition Zs Values

Convert Zs values from a previous version of BS 7671 to BS 7671 18th edition 230v Cmin values.

Electrician Tools

Electrician Tool Bags

A selection of electricians tool boxes, bags, tool belts and tool kits for Electricians.

Bathroom Zones

Bathroom Zones

Bathroom zones and the specification and minimum requirements of electrical equipment within a room containing a bath or shower.

Consumer Unit Signage

Consumer Unit Signage & Labels

Replace the plethora of electrical consumer unit stickers with this single A4 DB notice printed directly from your mobile.

BS 7671 Reference Methods

BS 7671 Reference Methods

Installation Reference Method table for your electrical certificates & determining the current carrying capacity of a cable.

Cable Limiting Temperature Time Calculator

Protection Against Exceeding Cable Limiting Temperature

Calculate how long a cable will take to reach its limiting temperature under fault conditions.


AFDD Max Zs Values

Here we answer a common question we keep getting asked: What is the max Zs for AFDD’s?

Online Electrical Software

Online Electrical Software

Cloud based desktop electrical software for Mac and Windows PC.