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Cloud Electrical Certification Software

Cloud Sync is Now Live

The Pro Certs cloud sync system and Management Web Portal is now live for use in conjunction with the Pro Certs Electrical Certification App.

Zs Converter

Convert Old Zs Values to 18th Edition Zs Values

Convert Zs values from a previous version of BS 7671 to BS 7671 18th edition 230v Cmin values.

Online Electrical Software

Online Electrical Software

Cloud based desktop electrical software for Mac and Windows PC.

BS 7671 18th Edition Amendment 2

Pre-order BS 7671 Amendment 2 2022

BS 7671 18th Edition Amendment 2 2022 is now available to pre-order.

CalCard Calibration

CalCard Calibration Card

CalCard, credit card size card for checking the ongoing accuracy of electrical test equipment.

Maximum Demand Calculator App (v1.0.2)

Diversity Calculator app update v1.0.2. Details on the new features and improvements added to the Diversity Calculator for iPhone, iPad & Android.

Temporary Electrical System Test Certificates

Temporary Electrical Systems

Temporary Electrical Systems and Temporary Electrical Installations, what is the difference, BS 7909 or BS 7671?

BS7909 PDF Forms

BS7909 PDF Forms

Still using BS7909 PDF forms downloaded from the internet? Now there is a new way, get the 7909 Certification App.

Rental Property Interim Inspection Software

A Landlords Guide to Electrical Safety

Guidance on private rented accommodation requirements and regular interim electrical inspections.

Cable Calculations PDF

Cable Calculator App Updated – May 2020

22/06/2020: Cable size calculator update. We have released an update to the Cable Calc app. Find out what this update includes here.