Must Have Tools for Electricians

Essential must have tools for electricians in the 21st century, and a few MUST NOT use tools.

Consumer Unit Signage & Labels

Replace the plethora of electrical consumer unit stickers with this single A4 DB notice printed directly from your mobile device with the Electrical Tools & Reference App.

RCD Tripping

RCD Tripping Faults. Here we look at the possible causes and solutions for tripping RCD's.
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Lights Flickering in House

Here we look at the possible causes and solutions to flickering lights, flickering lights can be caused by a number of factors.

Temporary Electrical Systems

Temporary Electrical Systems and Temporary Electrical Installations, what is the difference, BS 7909 or BS 7671?
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Top 5 Apps for Electricians

The top 5 must have electrical apps for electricians in 2021.