Consumer Unit Signage

Consumer Unit Signage & Labels

The amount of required warning labels, notices and stickers has increased in recent years resulting in consumer units being plastered in a plenitude of unsightly labels and stickers, which understandably the householder may not like if the consumer unit is in a prominent position in their home, this can look unsightly, messy and unprofessional.

This can now be simplified with our new A4 DB notice included with our Electrical Tools and Reference App.

Consumer Unit Labels

Electrical labels or notices on a consumer unit could include an RCD test notice, mixed wiring colours, next inspection labels, no cpc to lighting circuits warning notice amongst many others, in many cases too many to actually fit on the consumer unit.

RCD Test Notice
DB Signs

Consumer Unit Signage

A single consumer unit sign which includes the required labels and notices fixed adjacent to the consumer unit removes the unsightly need to cover the consumer unit with all the different stickers.

Custom Consumer Unit Notice

With a customized consumer unit notice created with the Electrical Tools and Reference App you can select from the available labels to include on the A4 consumer unit notice, add your company logo, contact details, change the main colours, add additional notes and print directly from your mobile device.

Consumer Unit Guide

EICR Next Inspection Labels

Included on the A4 DB (consumer unit) notice is the option to apply the testing & inspection next inspection label. Select the dates from the date picker and input the EICR reference.

EICR Next Inspection Label

Smoke Alarms Label

A smoke alarms notice to remind the householder of the importance of regular smoke alarm testing, includes a DO NOT notice to officially notify them not to paint or tamper with the smoke alarm(s).

Smoke Alarm Stickers

SPD Label

If an SPD (Surge Protection Device) is installed you may like to include the SPD notice which details what the SPD does and advises the householder to regularly check the status indicator of the SPD.

SPD DB Stciker

Mixed Wiring Colours Warning Notice

CAUTION ! This installation has wiring colours to different versions of BS 7671. Great care should be taken before undertaking extension, alteration or repair that all conductors are correctly identified.

Mixed Wiring Colours Notice

RCD Six Monthly Test Notice Labels

6 Monthly RCD test notice reminds the householder to press the RCD TEST button every six months and to seek expert advice should the RCD not function (trip).

RCD 6 monthly test stickers

No cpc for Lighting Circuits Label

Enter the circuit numbers of the circuits which do not have provision for earthing metal equipment.

No earth Lighting Circuit Warning Notice

Consumer Unit Stickers

All of the above consumer unit labels are included in the A4 DB Notice. The use of a single A4 DB notice cleans up the area around and on the consumer unit, looks neater and more professional than a plethora of stickers covering the entire face of the consumer unit or distribution board.

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