Electrical Danger Notice – Danger Notice (DN)

Electrical Danger Notice

When electricians and electrical inspectors are carrying out electrical inspections (EICR) on rental, private, commercial or industrial electrical installations, at times dangers and or potential dangers are identified.

Electrical Danger Notice for Consumer Units.

​During an EICR electrical dangers are brought to the attention of the person / client ordering the works in the form of an electrical installation condition report and at times a danger notice, and as such the actual tenant, lease holder or current occupier maybe unaware of these dangers.

We have created a free to use Electrical at risk warning danger notice which can be used to attach to a consumer unit or appliance to warn people of the unsafe conditions. If the electrician issues a “Danger Notice” then the danger notice certificate / reference number can be inserted in the “Ref” box. such as DN/ 54168 or EICR-54168.

DN = Danger Notice. [btn_download link=”/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Elctrical-Danger-Notce.pdf” ]Download Electrical Danger Notice.

Electrical Danger Notice

An electrical danger notice can be used to append to the consumer unit or distribution board to warn others of a potential danger or hazard. Those dangers could include a risk of electric shock and or fire.

Failed Next Inspection Stickers

Failed EICR Notice

After completing an EICR a next inspection label or notice is normally stuck to the front cover of consumer unit whether it passed the inspection or not.

But should an EICR fail, then the next inspection notice could be misinterpret that the electrical installation has been tested and inspected and therefore does not require re-testing until the next inspection date.

If any C1, C2 or FI observations have been noted on an EICR then a potential danger has been identified, so instead of fitting a next inspection label (which can be misleading) we have produced these free to download EICR failed warning notices to replace the next inspection label which will inform others that an electrical danger or potential danger / hazard is present.

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