Electrical Labels Templates

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The importance of clear electrical labeling and signage is growing more and more important in today’s modern world. Safety signs are an important part of any electrical installation to ensure caution and danger signs are clearly displayed where required.

Safety signs may include the warning of unexpected voltages such as 400 volts or where isolation can not be achieved by isolating one circuit, as such a caution notice similar to “Caution, isolate ALL supplies before removing cover” would be required.

Other labels or signs may include where a lighting circuit does not include an earth (cpc), a label similar to “Warning!, Circuit(s) xxxx do not have provision for earthing metal equipment. Metal light fittings or metal light switches are NOT PERMITTED”

Handheld labeling machines are a perfect solution to on-site labeling and signage such as the Brother P-Touch label machines which uses a range of label tape sizes and colours. We have a range of electrical labels available for free download for use with the Brother P-Touch label machines, we also have downloadable electrical label templates which are .lbx files ready for directly importing to the label machine.

Electrical Warning Signs

Free to download electrical labels signs and templates. 

No cpc to lighting circuit warning notice.

Electrical Templates for Brother Label Machines

Electrical Caution Labels:

  • Caution – Exposed Live Parts Behind Cover
  • Caution – AC and DC Voltages
  • Caution – More Than one Point of Isolation
  • Caution – Essential Electrical Equipment
  • Caution – Buried Cables
  • Caution – Isolate ALL Supplies Before Removing Cover
  • Caution – Isolate Supply Before Removing Cover
  • Caution – Sensitive Electrical Equipment

Electrical Danger Labels:

  • Danger – 230 Volts
  • Danger – 400 Volts
  • Danger – 110 Volts
  • Danger – High Voltage
  • Danger – Electric Shock Risk

General Electrical Labels:

  • Do Not Obstruct Electrical Equipment
  • MET Main Earth Terminal
  • Safety Electrical Connection Do Not Remove
  • Fire Alarm Do Not Turn Off
  • Isolate Supply Before Removing Cover
  • Warning No Cpc to Lighting Circuits
  • Do Not Store Combustible Materials Near This Equipment
DB Notice

A4 DB Notice

Remove the need to plaster a ton of stickers on the DB cover by producing a customized A4 DB Notice.

For more information on producing a custom DB notice visit Consumer Unit Notice.