Bathroom IP Ratings

IP Ratings of Equipment in Bathrooms

Rooms containing a bath or shower are classed as special locations, this is due to the the increased risk. Where a room contains a bath or shower there are certain restrictions to the type and location of electrical equipment which can be installed in accordance with BS 7671 in order to minimize the risk of the dangers associated with water and electricity…

IP Ratings of Electrical Equipment in Bathrooms

IP ratings of electrical equipment and accessories within bathrooms is also relevant to shower rooms, wet-rooms and any other room containing a bath or shower. The chart below printed from the Electrical Tools & Reference App shows what is, and what is not permitted within certain zones of a bath or shower room.

Bathroom IP Ratings

As you may see from the chart above along with the minimum IP rating requirements other safety requirements may also apply such as 30mA RCD protection, or socket outlets can only be installed at a distance of at least 3 meters away from zone 2 or shaver sockets must be to BS EN 61558-2-5

IP Ratings | IPXX – IP68

The most common IP (Ingress Protection) ratings are displayed as IPXX = no protection, up to IP68 = Dust tight & continued submersion in water under specified conditions. X denotes no protection, the 1st letter is to denote the level of protection against the ingress of solid objects or dust, the 2nd letter is to denote the level of protection against the ingress of water.

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