Schneider MCCB Recall

Schneider MCCB Recall

Schneider Electric has issued a product recall of their MCCB Compact Moulded Case Circuit Breaker effecting ComPact, EasyPact and PowerPact range of MCCB’s.

Date: 14th August 2023
Risk Level: High
Risks: Overheating, Fire, Smoke, Arc Flash

This recall includes:

  • ComPact NSX, NSU, NSC 400 – 630 Amps
  • EasyPact CVS, EZC, EZD, EZS, CSU 400 – 630 Amps
  • PowerPact L 250 – 600 Amps


Date range of potentially affected items:

  • TC-2019-W21-3 ~ TC-2019-W22-2
  • TC-2019-W24-2 ~ TC-2019-W24-4
  • TC-2019-W46-2 ~ TC-2019-W47-3
  • TC-2019-W51-5 ~ TC-2021-W14-4

Example: TC-2019-W51-5 = Made on the 5th day of week 51 of year 2019

The effected Schneider MCCB’s have been identified to pose a risk of overheating, potentially leading to a fire, smoke or in rare cases arc flash and do not meet the requirements of the Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 2016.

The safety report by the Office for Product Safety and Standards states:

The affected MCCBs may contain a non-conforming component, which may result in the circuit breaker not operating as intended under certain conditions. A short circuit on the electrical downstream network will not trigger the safety protection of the MCCB because of this non-conforming component. Consequently, high current will flow in the load, cable and MCCB, which may lead to fire and smoke depending on the size of the installation and of the short-circuit level. – Source:

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Schneider MCCB Recalls

Date published by Office for Product Safety and Standards: 14th August 2023

MCCB Recalls: Compact MCCB, EasyPact MCCB, PowerPact L MCCB.
See details at the top of this recall notice post for specific models, date ranges and amperages of affected models.

Schneider Compact NSX MCCB

Schneider Compact NSX MCCB

Schneider EasyPact CVS MCCB

Schneider EasyPact MCCB

Schneider PowerPact L MCCB

Schneider PowerPact MCCB

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