Best apps for electricians

Best Electrical Apps for 2020

Does trying to remember complex electrical calculations give you a headache or getting frustrated hunting for that electrical chart? Well now there is a solution with a smart electrical app, smart electrical apps are designed to assist with the day to day needs of an electrician, electrical maintenance engineer or indeed anyone working within the electrical industry.

There are number of specialist smart electrical apps in the app stores, here we list a few of the best electrical apps from Pro Certs Software.

  1. Max Zs Values
  2. Cable Calc
  3. Pro Certs
  4. Adiabatic Equation Calculator
Max Zs Values App

Max Zs Values:

Look up the maximum Zs value of Fuses, MCB’s and RCBO’s, the latest 2020 version also includes some 60947-2 MCCB charts. This handy app also includes a few Zs related calculators such disconnection times or Zs values for RCD’s in TT earthing systems.
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Cable Size Calculator App

Cable Calc:

Carry out an instant cable size calculation on the go, this new version for 2020 includes an enhanced verification database and calculation hints. By user request an upcoming update will add the ability to print the cable calculation results.
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Testing and Inspecting Software

Pro Certs:

Electrical certification software, produce customizable professional electrical installation certificates, minor works certs and electrical installation condition reports. Available on iPad, Android Tablets and Windows 10 PC.
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