Electrical Software

Electrical Software

User friendly and easy to navigate electrical software for Electricians, Electrical Contractors & Engineers. Cable calculations and electrical calculations to BS 7671.

Produce electrical circuit cable calculations in seconds, select and calculate cable sizes, calculate volt drop, kVA, earthing, bonding and cpc sizes and max Zs values.

Easily select and set protective devices and options from the drop down lists. Also includes a list of reference charts from BS 7671.

Software for Electricians

This electrical calculation software with electrical charts and tables has been designed with the user in mind with a simple and easy to navigate menus and UI.

Fully compatible with Windows touch screen and currently works in most web browsers, so no download required.

The beta version of this electrical software is currently free to use. It is also available as a native paid iPhone, iPad , Android and Windows Phone app.

The electrical software has been designed to comply with BS 7671 for all calculations and electrical charts.

Select your options from the drop down and scrollable lists to make your selection of protective devices, volt drop %, adiabatic equation options ect…

Software Features

 Cable Size Calculator  Watts, Amps & Volts Calculator ✓ PFC Calculator ✓ Volt Drop Calculator ✓ Max Zs Values ✓  SWA Cleat and Gland Charts ✓ Observations Code Examples ✓ Cable Ratings Charts ✓ Adiabatic Equation ✓ Main Earth Bonding Size Calculator ✓ Single and Three Phase Electrical Calculations ✓ RCD / RCBO Trip Times Chart EICR Frequency of Inspections ✓ Reference Methods ✓ Types of Wiring ✓ Bathroom Zones ✓ Main Earthing Size Calculator ✓ Circuit cpc Sizes csa + many more…


This electrical software demo shows the ease of use of the UI and some of the features included with this electrical software package.

This electrical app is constantly being updated with new features and improvements so the demo video might not be a representation of the latest version.

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Getting started!

Download the native app for Android or iOS or access the Web based version.