BS7909 PDF Forms

BS7909 PDF Forms

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Form G1 Completion Certificate

BS 7909 Completion Certificate PDF

G1 Sections:-

HEADER: Certificate reference & date.
PART 1: Description of activity covered and supply characteristics.
PART 2: System details of supply used.
PART 3: Essential inspection and tests.
PART 4: Declaration.

Completion Certificate

Temporary Electrical Installation Certificate
G1 Completion Certificate

Form G2 Schedule of Test Results

BS 7909 Schedule of Test Results PDF

G2 Sections:-

HEADER: G1 Completion Certificate reference & date.
PART 1: Circuit details and test results.

Schedule of Test Results

BS7909 Schedule of Test Results
G2 Schedule of Test Results

Form G3 Confirmation of Electrical Completion

BS 7909 Confirmation of Electrical Completion

G3 Sections:-

PART 1: Details of the event.
PART 2: Schedule of sections.
PART 3: Confirmation declaration.
PART 4: Distribution (of certificates).

Confirmation of Electrical Completion

BS7909 Confirmation of Electrical Completion PDF
G3 Confirmation of Electrical Completion

What does BS 7909 apply to?

BS 7909 applies to Temporary Electrical Systems (TES) and is for use with BS 7909, code of practice for temporary electrical systems for entertainment and related purposes.

This would include indoor and outdoor event power such as live concerts, village fetes, corporate events, TV and film sets. This does NOT normally include temporary electrical installations for construction sites, for construction sites see BS 7671.

BS 7909 Installations Include:

  1. Film & TV Sets
  2. Outside Broadcasting
  3. Theater Electrics (also see BS 7671)
  4. Televised Sporting Events
  5. Portable / Transportable Generators
  6. Outside Catering
  7. Village Fates
  8. Concerts
  9. Exhibitions (also see BS 7671)
  10. Event Power
  11. Marques
  12. Music Festivals

Basically all temporary electrical systems for entertainment and related purposes.

BS 7909 Testing and Inspecting

Before the installation or set-out of any electrical equipment all leads, cables, distro’s and any other associated electrical equipment should be adequately tested and inspected to ensure it is safe to use, suitable for its intended use and meets the minimum requirements of the relevant standards, detailed records of the tests and inspections should be kept in case of any incidents or claims in the future.

P.A.T. (Portable Appliance Testing) may also apply to electrical appliances and equipment. For Portable Appliance Testing see the IET Code of Practice for In-service Inspection and Testing of Electrical EquipmentFor BS7909 see BS 7909:2011.

Once all of the electrical distribution equipment, cables and any other associated electrical equipment has been tested, inspected and deemed safe and suitable for use then the source of electrical power and earthing arrangements should also be checked and confirmed (whether that be a generator or the mains electrical supply) before connection is made.

On completion of carrying out the above checks then the installed system must be fully tested and inspected in accordance with BS 7909 and signed off by the senior person responsible (SPR) with copies of the Completion Certificate, Schedule of Test Results and Confirmation of Electrical Completion handed to the event manager.

BS 7909 Training Courses

There are many training providers who offer BS 7909 training courses for electricians, listed below are a few Bs 7909 courses selected at random,

BS 7909 Books

Here are a few BS 7909 related books you may find helpful…
A guide to the application of BS 7671 & BS 7909 for temporary events, BS 7909:2011 Code of practice for temporary electrical systems for entertainment and related purposes, Electrical Safety for Live Events.

Guidance Note GS50

– Electrical Safety at Places of Entertainment

This guidance outlines the main risks with electrical equipment used at places of
entertainment and steps that can be taken to prevent electrical danger. It contains
practical advice for dutyholders who are organising events and for those who
provide venues and facilities for production crews and entertainers.

– Source HSE GS50 (Forth Edition)

Download  HSE GS50  (Electrical safety at places of entertainment).

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