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Cable Calculator App Updated

We have published an update to the Cable Calc app for  Android, iPhone & iPad. Calculate the required cable sizes for various types of cables and protective devices to BS 7671.

You can also use this app to check existing installed cables and circuits to check for compliance and confirm the correct cable size for the installation method is applied on existing installations.

Functions include:
– Verification checks
– Support for manufacturer specific (max Zs) MCCB’s & ACB’s
– Support for RCD’s in TT Earthing Systems

This app also takes into account and applies the following factors for it’s calculations:
✔ Volt drop
✔ Correction factors
✔ Length of circuit
✔ Maximum Zs Values
✔ Calculated Zs
✔ Calculated r1+r2
✔ Various installation methods
✔ Various cable types
✔ Tabulated Current

Correction factors include:
✔ Cg – Grouping
✔ Ca – Ambient air temperature
✔ Ca – Ambient ground temperature (if cable is buried or in a duct)
✔ Ci – Thermal insulation
✔ Cf – BS 3036 semi-enclosed fuses

For further information visit Cable Calc

Cable Size Calculator
Cable Size Calculator
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