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Update to Pro Certs Coming Soon

We are currently working hard to bring you a new update to the Pro Certs electrical certification app. ​​​This update brings some new features, some requested by some of the current users of Pro Certs.

We welcome feedback, improvement suggestions and feature requests, email us at support@pro-certs.com with your ideas and we may include them in the next update. Read more to find out about all the new exciting features coming soon…​

New Features for the Upcoming Update.

  1. Option to customise the certificate colours, Green (existing), Red, Blue & Purple.
  2. A copy certificate function (copy an existing certificate to use as a template or master).
  3. Select a default engineer, the selected default engineer will automatically be used in the corresponding sections of the certificates.
  4. Flood fill function. A new section at the top of the circuit details screen to be able to complete each column in one go. i.e. using the new column to select 60898 for all circuits in one go, the same applies for all the other circuit data.
  5. Circuit details: When inputting the R1+R1, or R2 value auto set the other box to N/A.
  6. Added the option to select “> 500” for the insulation resistance values.
  7. Added the option to select “Spacer” as a circuit description to auto set a non-editable blank (space) line between circuits.

Choose Electrical Certificate Colours.

DB Circuit Details

Copy an Electrical Certificate to use as a Master or Template Certificate.

Select an existing electrical certificate and choose the “copy” option to create a duplicate (including all test results) you can use this as a template or master certificate, just change the certificate reference, you can then edit the copied certificate as you wish.

Select a Default Engineer.

Within the Engineer Management screen select an engineer as the default engineer, once set the selected default engineer will automatically be used and inserted into the appropriate sections of the electrical certificate or condition report.

Flood Fill Function: Complete all circuit details in one go.

Circuits Test Results Schedule

The test certificate software will utilise a new flood fill function. Use the new top row of the D.B. circuits (shown in red in the above image) in the circuits screen, all data and selections here will automatically copy to all the other circuits.

For example, if you use the top row and select “> 200” for the insulation resistance value this will copy that value to all the circuits.

Another example, if you use the top row to select “BS EN 60898” as the protective device, this will copy “BS EN 60898” to all the circuits, the same applies to all the other values, circuit data and selections.

R1+R2 & R2 Values = Auto N/A

When entering the circuit test results with the certification software for the R1+R2 or R2 values, when a value is entered in either the R1+R2 box or the R2 box the other box automatically inputs N/A.

Circuit Spacer.

DB Schedule

By selecting “SPACER” from the drop-down list of options for the circuit designation this will create a space between the circuits.