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Electrical Contractor App

Top 5 Apps for Electricians

The top 5 must have electrical apps for electricians in 2021.

Rental Property Interim Inspection Software

A Landlords Guide to Electrical Safety

Guidance on private rented accommodation requirements and regular interim electrical inspections.

Best apps for electricians

Best Electrical Apps for 2020

Check out our most popular electrical apps for electricians. Here we list our top 4 electrical apps.

MCCB Zs Values

MCCB Max Zs Values

Maximum earth loop impedance values (Zs) for BS EN 60947-2 MCCB’s vary between manufactures. Find the correct chart with the Max Zs Values app.

60942-7 Max Zs Tables

60947-2 Max Zs Charts

Print or download max Zs tables for BS EN 60947-2 protective devices with the max zs values app.

Surge Protection Types

SPD Surge Protection Devices – Types & Uses

Discover the types of SPD’s and the application of surge protection devices.

Surge Protection Types

Electrical Charts BS 7671

Print electrical charts directly from the app. The new impending 2019 free update of the Electrical Tools & Reference app will include new updated electrical charts with a new print function to enable you to print the BS 7671 electrical charts and guides straight from your iPad, iPhone or Android device. Along with the print…
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18th Edition Amendment 1

BS 7671 18th Edition IET Wiring Regulations 2018

BS 7671 history and publication dates of all previous versions of the wiring regulations starting in 1882.

Best electrical Apps

BS 7671 18th Edition 2018 Electrical Apps

Electrical apps based on BS 7671 18th Edition version 2018, always evolving!

Smart Electrical Apps

Multi-purpose electrician’s app puts electrical tools in handy, accessible form

The launch of new app Electrical Tools aimed at tradesmen in the electrical industry is giving professionals access to a range of tools and reference charts and tables through a single, user friendly app. The iOS and Android supported app from Pro Certs Software Ltd combines a series of applications to make day-to-day electrical calculations…
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