How to code observations on a condition report

The coding of observations and non-compliance’s found during an Electrical Installation Condition Report EICR to the fixed wiring is a serious matter as an incorrectly coded observation could result in deeming an unsatisfactory installation as satisfactory.

It is the responsibility of the person carrying out the inspection to allocate an appropriate code (C1, C2, C3 or FI) to each of the defects found during the inspection.

The person carrying out the inspection should have an in-depth knowledge of the current version of BS 7671 IET Wiring Regulations and Guidance Note 3 Inspection & Testing. Depending on the type of electrical installation other BS Standards and Approved Building Documents may also apply.

​In addition to the above requirements the electrical inspector should be fully competent, highly skilled, suitably qualified and extensively experienced in testing and inspecting the particular type of electrical installation they are reporting on.

NAPIT have published an EICR Codebreakers guide