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Grade D Fire Alarm Guide

Grade D Fire Alarm Systems Guide

Grade D Fire Detection Systems, the ultimate guide to Grade D Fire Alarm Systems in domestic properties.

Maximum demand diversity

How to calculate diversity and maximum demand

Diversity Calculator App: How to calculate total connected load, apply diversity and calculate the maximum demand, with examples. Download for iOS + Android.

Rental Property Interim Inspection Software

A Landlords Guide to Electrical Safety

Guidance on private rented accommodation requirements and regular interim electrical inspections.

Cooker Switch Behind Oven

Cooker Switch Distance from a Hob or Cooker

Guidance on the minimum distances electrical accessories such as sockets and switches can be installed from an oven, hob or free standing cooker.

Bathroom IP Ratings

IP Ratings of Equipment in Bathrooms

IP rating tables for electrical equipment installed in a room containing a bath or shower.

EICR Frequency of Inspections Chart

EICR Frequency of Inspections

Frequency of EICR inspection tables for all types of electrical installations. Tables for routine interim inspections and full inspection and testing.

Kitchen Zones

Local Isolation for Kitchen Appliances

Recommended locations of local isolators and fused spurs for kitchen appliances, distances and locations to be readily accessible, find out here.

Socket Distance From a Sink

Distance of a socket from a sink

Recommendations and guides on locating sockets, spurs and isolators near a kitchen sink. Electrical accessories should be located at a safe distance from sink or drainer unit.

Surge Protection Types

SPD Surge Protection Devices – Types & Uses

Discover the types of SPD’s and the application of surge protection devices.

what is an AFDD

AFDD’s Arc Fault Detection Device – Do we need them?

Discover when it is a requirement to install AFDD’s in this handy AFDD guide.